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  1. Apr 19 2011

    Awesome Angel! Great shots!

  2. Mina
    Apr 20 2011

    Angelito, the shoot was such a great experience for me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being a great friend.

  3. Myra M.
    Apr 21 2011

    Honestly, these have to be the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen! I’m impressed with how the photographer captured the love, warmth, and happiness of the couple through lighting and the saturation of colors. Beautiful work (and the subjects as well! lol) Mina and Enan: congratulations to you both!

  4. Nicole McCree
    Apr 21 2011

    Mina you and your guy look so adorable together. You’re so photogenic! I love seeing people in love!!! :o)

  5. Roderick I. Harrigain
    Apr 21 2011

    He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22). Keep the fire burning.

  6. Mirelys Tejada
    Apr 23 2011

    Waaaaoooo amazing pictures and beautiful couple!!!!