He responded and pasted what his Photoshop layers for everyone to see.  Next to each layer was a brief description of the attributes he adjusted – enough so that it is easily replicated by someone who has a working knowledge of the photo editing program.  I downloaded a trial version of Silver Efex and implemented it as one of these layers.  After completing all the steps, I was quite impressed by the end result.

Suddenly, I started thinking if I can incorporate this to my wedding processing workflow.  Was it worth the extra time?  Is it worth it for the best ten photos of the wedding?  Is it worth the $199.95?  My inner thriftiness kicked in and soon I remembered that I have another plugin with a decent black & white converter.  Ten minutes and countless minor tweaks later, I got close enough to mimicking the Silver Efex effect.  I still have more to tweak but I thought it was close enough.

What do you think?


Here’s the original:

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