Speaking of long drives, this wedding with Nicole + Jay was no joke at 2.5 hours away.  The drive didn’t seem long at all with Steve’s Stebaru and me with my never ending questions about doing photography as a business.  We got to the hotel around midnight and I passed out.  Luckily, I didn’t snore this time (I usually do when I am dead tired).

I woke up the next morning and did NOT feel like P.Diddy.  We both got ready and off to Dunkin Donuts we went.  After loading up on sugar and caffeine, it was go time.  Nicole and her bridesmaids were very nice and welcoming.  Alana was absolutely adorable (she’s the one holding the Rold Gold Pretzels bag in one of the photos below).  The groomsmen were no exception – loved to joke and laugh.

It’s a great start and I look forward to many more weddings coming up soon!



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