Inspired by a scene from the movie “Friends with Benefits”, Neale decided to propose in Central Park near the Bethesda Terrace.  Moments before the proposal, there were a slew of events all happening simultaneously.  To the right there were street performers who’ve managed to attract an large crowd.  To the left, there was another photo shoot going on.  Behind me, a small film crew was set up just in my line of shot for the proposal.  Lastly, there were musicians performing under the terrace AND a Guinness book of records was being recorded for the longest soccer ball dribble up and down the middle stairs without dropping the ball.  Crazy.

Besides all of the above, I still had to make sure the other players were here and ready to go.  Neale asked a bunch of his friends to help make this happen.  A few people up at the top of the terrace to drop rose petals and one person to hand Amanda a brochure.  The brochure has a photo of their dog and asks “Will you marry me?”  Thankfully, everything went surprisingly well!  Whew.

To Amanda and Neale – congrats to you both!


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