After talking to Kira and Alban over endless emails, I had the chance to finally meet them both at Ross Dock Picnic Area in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  If you are looking for a good place to BBQ with a great view, this is it!

Alban and Kira were so easy to work with!  I brought my girlfriend, Nancy, along (who was such an awesome assistant, by the way), and shooting their engagement photos almost kind of felt like a double date.  Minus the camera lighting and big camera bag.

Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in September!

UPDATE: Video slideshow added!



Special thanks to Nancy for your much needed help!

Location: Fort Lee, New Jersey

Update: One more!


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  1. May 15 2012

    not loving the washed out processing…the whole instahipstermatic thing really is old and tired.

  2. May 15 2012

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! Wasn’t aware I had an instahipstermatic thing going on. Hope the weather up in Endicott is better down here in NYC!

  3. May 15 2012

    Not sure who this guy is. I don’t think he is any friend of mine.

  4. two
    May 15 2012

    I ADORE the last one!! SO beautiful!!

  5. May 15 2012

    Thanks, Two! I love the concept of your blog and, as the only child, I wish I had siblings to grow up with.

  6. May 15 2012

    I’m sorry you got such a negative comment there. That was pretty rude. These pictures are really beautiful. I’ve been to Fort Lee a lot, and I had no idea such a beautiful place existed in that city. Great backdrop. My favorite here though is 5th one from the top, the collage of Alban and Kira dancing with the shot of just their legs at the bottom with the ballet shoes. There is a lot of specific character to it. And the shot on the rocks with the bridge in the back is gorgeous. Thanks for doing such a great job for my friends.

  7. May 15 2012

    Thanks Tom! Wait till you see the ones with the baseball theme… hahaha. =)

  8. May 15 2012

    Added one! :)

  9. May 15 2012

    Hilarious. Thanks Angel!

  10. May 15 2012

    Very cool.

  11. May 15 2012

    Hey Tom, thanks so much! That area is called the Ross Dock Picnic Area and you can enter through Henry Hudson Drive. It’s a really nice place for BBQ’ing, hiking, running and biking. I’m glad you like the photos! Kira and Alban were SO fun to be with and I was bummed when it ended especially since Alban had to drive another four hours.

  12. Gabi
    May 15 2012

    I LOVE the one where Alban is swinging Kira in the air!!:)))

  13. Leslie
    May 15 2012

    Nice bat! Looking forward to seeing more.

  14. Ken
    May 15 2012

    Very lovely engagement pictures!

  15. May 16 2012

    Looking nice! Looking very nice indeed!

    I second Tom’s comments on the leg-shot dancing collage. That could be a great one to work into invites or save-the-date postcards or programs or something. The sillhouette (sp?) is another awesome one. My favorite, though, is the eleventh from the top (fourth from the bottom not counting the update) with the stone wall. It could be the cover to one of those Harlequin Romance novels (you know, the ones with titles like “Passionate Days of Passion” or some such). :-)

  16. jerick
    May 25 2012

    so beautiful

  17. Ramon
    Jun 18 2014

    Awesome photos!!! Where in Ross Dock Park is this? The only spot that I often see is overlooking the bridge. More power!