I’ve previously met with Funk+Grace while working with BoundNewYork to feature them [Danielle & Illeana] as the local creator of the week.  Originally from Miami, they now reside in Bushwick, Brooklyn inside a building filled with other creative types – gymnasts, models and, during my visit, another photographer with a full studio setup.  Don’t mistake Funk+Grace for just another new company!  These girls are driven and I have no doubts these girls will make a huge impact on the local fashion scene and eventually throughout all of the major fashionable cities.

Shooting their summer collection was so much fun.  The colors are vibrant and designs are fresh and free-spirited.  I look forward to working with them again!!

“For us fashion has a powerful voice, no doubt. It’s about what you want to say, who you are and who you want to be. With that said we believe it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. As our souls roam freely we can change easily. F+G is about being true to yourself. Be funky, be graceful, be true and most of all be you.” -Funk+Grace

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