I have to admit: I was a bit nervous for this shoot.  I’m the type that likes to plan things out but thanks to my friend Vivake Khamsingsavath, he gave me the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone with an impromptu shoot. Did the best I could with what I had.

Erin Mack and Samuel Dunning were amazing to work with!  As you can see, they are definitely fashion forward so these portraits were shot with a commercial and an editorial look (or at least I tried to make it look that way).

I look forward to working with you both on a planned photo shoot.

Hope you like this series!

New York fashion portrait shoot

New York portrait with Samuel Francis Daunis Dunning

New York Portrait photography

New York Portrait photographer

new york portrait photo of erin mack

New York portraits

new york portrait photographer

New York portrait photography around Alphabet city in New York, NY.
Models: Erin Mack and Samuel Dunning
Lighting: Vivake Khamsingsavath
Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 35L

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