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Ballyowen Golf Club is located in Hamburg, NJ which is fine and dandy but this wedding happened on the same weekend when Hurricane Irene was fast approaching from the south!  During my college years, I’ve driven home for three hours during blizzards so I thought this shouldn’t be too crazy.  The drive there and back was definitely challenging with floods all over the highways, crashed cars on highway shoulders and the occasional torrential downpours but I persevered and someone was looking out for me that day.  From what I can remember, not a single guest was missing in action – now that’s love!  This wedding was definitely very interesting to me because it’s not everyday I shoot a wedding with a very vintage theme.

vintage wedding details

wedding corsage

vintage wedding name tags

Check out those metallic bouquets!

vintage metallic bridesmaid bouquet

bridal make-up preparation

I was happy to get home safe but the photographer I worked with was not so lucky.  He headed south towards Princeton – straight into the hurricane’s path.  He drove onto a road that flash flooded.  The flood carried his big SUV and tipped it over the guard rail.  Luckily, he climbed out of the window and hung onto a tree branch and managed to call 911.  While 99% of his equipment was damaged beyond repair, the memory cards along with the image files still worked!

Venue: Ballyowen Golf Club in Hamburg, NJ
Camera: 5D Mark 2 + 5D Classic
Lens: Sigma 24-70 II, Sigma 50, Canon 135L

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  1. Sarah
    Jan 26 2012

    Awesome work as usual!

  2. Jan 27 2012

    Thanks, Sarah!