I was so excited to be back for Bryant Park’s 2nd annual Musical Chairs event.  Despite the rain drizzling moments before registration opened, Bryant Park still managed to reel in more participants than last year!


The contestants playing nice before a serious game of musical chairs.


Staff enjoying the event and thinking about how much time it’ll take to clean everything up after the event.

bryantpark-musicalchairs-3 bryantpark-musicalchairs-4

She was trying to tickle her off the seat.


The tough job of being a referee during moments like these.

bryantpark-musicalchairs-5 bryantpark-musicalchairs-6 bryantpark-musicalchairs-8 bryantpark-musicalchairs-9 bryantpark-musicalchairs-10

The winner of this year’s musical chairs event – two free tickets from Southwest Airlines!


The hard-working staff that made it all possible!


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