For those who’s seen my Dobbs Ferry wedding post, you’ll notice the best man from that wedding is the groom in this one.    Okay, maybe not.  I looked again and looks like the only shot of him is when he hands the ring over to the groom (and you can’t see his face).  I promise you that person is the groom in this wedding, though, and they both have the same name.  You can, however, see Julia standing next to the bride.  Julia is the bride this time!

In case you missed the blog post title, this wedding happened in iconic Central Park.  While the location was legendary, the weather was most definitely not.  With temperatures at or around 20 degrees Fahrenheit mixed with some (un)pleasant wind, it was a challenge for everyone (I knew I should have bought a pair of photographer gloves.)  A million props to the bride for being a trooper that day.   Sorry Dmitry!

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